About MPA

About MPA Consulting


Monica Pappas, RHIA, founded MPA Consulting, Inc. as the most recent version of a consulting business dedicated to improving information oriented processes for healthcare providers. The focus of the business continues to be health information management (HIM) and revenue cycle process consulting and management. These administrative areas of healthcare entities continue to offer opportunities for improved processes and increased revenue for clients.

Monica Pappas began a consulting business as a sole proprietorship in 1983. During the next 20 years, the business has had several derivatives. One business grew to over 500 staff and was purchased by a public company in 1998. This business, and another one formerly managed by Monica Pappas, now exist as divisions of private companies. Unlike these past efforts, which were driven by financial investors, MPA Consulting is organized around a core group of healthcare professionals, who have ownership stakes in the company and are dedicated to working closely with clients to continuously improve information and processes.

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