Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Our CDI services include but are not limited to the following:

  1.  Assess the CDI function on-site by observing and interviewing the principals involved in the CDI activities. We provide a report that becomes the blueprint for improving the CDI function.
  2. Re-engineering the CDI function often includes strengthening the relationship between CDI Specialists and the Coding function. Strong reporting forms the basis for achieving and monitoring functional improvement in CDI.
  3. We are frequently asked to provide an interim CDI director/manager to bridge the time needed to recruit, hire and transition to an employee director/manager.
  4. After needs/resources assessment, will develop customized CDI workflows that route cases to preferred resources (existing or MPA-provided; on-site or remote) to optimize productivity and target high value cases accordingly.
  5. We will also establish criteria for CDI Management to monitor existing case loads and, based on volume or priority, easily re-route cases to the appropriate resources accordingly.
  6. Utilize technology metrics to identify opportunities to improve performance and demonstrate the effectiveness of the CDI program.

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