About MPA Consulting


Importance of Health Information – We began consulting engagements with the advent of the Diagnostic Related Grouping (DRG) scheme of reimbursement adopted by Medicare in 1983, and continue to support the critical importance of health information in all aspects of healthcare.

Innovation, Dedication and Loyalty of the American Worker – We have managed HIM departments on long term contracts since 1984 and pioneered complete outsourcing of HIM departments in the early 1990’s. We continue to demonstrate that when workers are properly trained, incented, and managed, they produce outstanding results.

A Learning Organization – MPA Consulting is a dedicated learning organization. Our staff has captured important lessons from its more than 400 client engagements. All employees actively participate in professional development opportunities to continually refresh skills.

Consultants Who Manage Real Operations – The combination of consulting skills and the actual running of Revenue Cycle departments in a single organization continues to develop a unique skill set. Our principals frequently work on engagements both to stay current and to continually experience real world issues.

Clients as Partners – We work hard to create a partnership with clients, often structuring our economic interests to be in direct alignment with theirs.

Logical Scope – While historically concentrating on the Health Information Management (HIM) function, the company has significant experience in the other two major functions of the Revenue Cycle: Patient Access/Admitting and Patient Financial Services (Business Office). We have this expended scope because we experienced the interconnectivity of these often separate functions several years ago. We continue to develop expertise and tools to assist on engagements. This holistic approach gives us more powerful insights on improvement tactics. We then achieve better information flows that drive increased revenue performance.

Trusted Business Partners – We know we can’t be all things to all clients, so we have developed an array of business partners in both the service and technology sectors to provide solution components for our clients.

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